After a significant break – the holidays are always a crazy time at work – I’m back!

My lovely, loving parents got me a new camera for Christmas!  It’s a trusty little Nikon P5100.  What I love about it is that it’s a point and shoot with much of the functionality of a dSLR.  My hope is that it will give me the opportunity to experiment and decide if I want to make the investment in a dSLR in the future.

This gift is particularly exciting for two reasons.  First, because I love to take photos and I haven’t  been able to really do much photography in the last few years.  Second, because it is going to allow me to begin on a project I designed – in my head that is – over Thanksgiving break.   I’m going to intentionally do what many bloggers do without consious decision, that is explore the question, “Where are the boundaries of my experience?”  The inspiration for this project came from a portion of one of Caitlin Kiernan’s recent books, but since the book is floating with the rest of my Christmas travel accoutrements in the vast wasteland that is home to US Airways lost luggage I can’t quote it…  With some grace I will forgive US Airways, as I continue to pray that the bag arrives soon.

Merry Christmas and happy boxing day, friends!