For those of you who understand the Myers-Briggs type analysis I’m a “P”.  Big Time.  This translates into two truths about my personality.

1) I love to imagine the possibilities and remain open to change.

2) I can procrastinate like nobody’s business and I still get things done.  (Frequently they are done quite well too!)

At first glance these both may seem like good qualities to have.  I like adventures.  I’m spontaneous.  I love to consider what might be in the future and to dream about better things to come.  Just to entertain myself I spend quite a bit of time imagining what it might be like to take any one of a number of avenues in life.  What would it be like… to move to a big city?  To work closely with someone more experienced in my field? To bungee jump?  To be a rock star?  This dreaming has eased many of the transitions I have made in life by allowing me to try on the experience before I acutally get there.

The downside is that while I have great ideas and fantastic intentions I have a really difficult time getting things done in a “timely manner”.  If it is REALLY IMPORTANT it will get done.  I never end up walking up to the pulpit without a sermon and I get excellent reviews at work.  But, if it’s not a do or die situation sometimes things just don’t happen.

Enter the New Year’s Resolution…

Each year I set a few New Year’s Resolutions.  I try to limit myself to 3 and no more than four because if the list is too long I just don’t get to them.  It’s taken me awhile to find this year’s list, but I think I’ve got it together.  Here are the things that I won’t procrastinate this year…

1) Exercise – last year I resolved to loose the weight I gained in Graduate School and maintain that weight loss.  I’ve succeeded so now it’s time to introduce a little workout routine.  My goal is to complete a simple at home strength training routine  3 days a week.  If I can get myself to add 2 days of yoga I’ll be thrilled.

2)Read 50 books – An old standby and favorite.  In 2006 I totaled 52 books and last year I dropped down a bit to a respectable 47.  Both say success to me!  The goal each year is to read at least 12 titles that are educational and tied to my work.

3)  Continue to reduce the yarn in my stash – I’m an avid knitter and I have a lot of yarn just “stashed” away in the house without purpose.  If I want to buy more I need to knit up what I’ve already got!