Noooo….  I don’t have a blog.  What’s that?  You think I do?  Um….  Weeellllll?

I can’t keep up.  It’s crazy in my life and I really started this blog to feature a project rather than to be update central for my life so as the pace speeds up in day to day living the blog posts dwindle.  Which in this case means they never really started to begin with.  I hope that at some point in the future I will have time to get this project off the ground.  In the mean time though I think I am going to throw up the white flag.  If I’m lucky sometime this summer I will be able to find the time to upload photos and write.  We shall see.

In the past month: I have taken some fantastic photos.  I have been doing some spinning.  I have been exercising a little.  I am working LOTS.  And there you have it folks.  Life in a nutshell.

Go read instead.  I hear they update all the time!  ;)