Cafe Du Monde So, this photo you see to your left…it’s the photo of my only day off in the month of February.  Now, my employer might counter that – and rightfully so – with the truth that there were plenty of weekends in the month of February.  But, as you all know, a weekend does not always equal a day off.

This is my first year working in my current place of employment.  I work in higher education as a college chaplain, and this is the best job I have ever had.  But any time you start afresh at a new place there are lessons to be learned.  This year I learned that when you have a Winter Term where your students get to go out into the big wide world for an entire month before they return for the spring semester…things get ugly.  I like the gradual pick up of a new semester.  The first quiet week.  The few days of no homework where students are excited and ready to go.  You get so much energy that week.  Meetings are productive.  Students are happy.  The stress of academic life hasn’t quite set in yet, and the energy of a well earned vacation is bubbling up all around.  It’s awesome.

And it doesn’t happen quite that way when the students have all been technically in school and traveling the world for the past month. In fact, they come back raring to go.  Add an Ice Storm, 2 days of a closed University, and 2 conferences to the mix and it all goes pear shaped.  Sheesh.  The month of February was exhausting!  I am so glad that it is over.

I might not be rested anymore, but I am totally clear that this month can’t be anywhere near as rough as February.  I’m ready to get back to my life.  No more running around like a crazy woman here.  So bring it on, March…bring it.