This weekend KK and I headed to the fairgrounds to visit our local annual antiques sale.  Living in the Midwest means that there are quite a few antique dealers nearby, some of whom we visit often.  But since none of them sell a particularly substantial quantity of jewelry – and this trip was all about jewelry – we needed to try something new.  So, off to the antiques show and sale we went.

Yes, the image above is no bait and switch.  My love and I are going to do the straight person thing and get hitched.  For months I have been pondering marriage, reading books about marriage, changing my mind and asking hard questions.  All along I knew that we had already made a lifelong commitment, the only ones who don’t seem to acknowledge it are our families.  So, for the sake of some familial and governmental recognition of our relationship onward to the altar.

Which brings us to the antiques sale, because if there is going to be a wedding there is most certainly going to be an engagement.  Why forgo the gift giving fun if one must undergo the tedium of planning a marital shindig?  For me that means being on the receiving end of something sparkly, and for KK that means a new guitar.  Hooray for a reason to buy each other truly lovely gifts.  The ring pictured above is not mine, but it looks quite similar to the lovely 18k white gold 1950s engagement ring we purchased this weekend.  I love this ring.  It is beautiful.  It has a low profile that is unlikely to snag on things.  It was reasonably priced.  It looks like something my grandmother might wear.  It mimics the original matching silver rings I purchased KK for her birthday two years ago.  And It made us both smile like schoolgirls faced with ponies when I tried it on – this is what really sealed the deal.  I am so pleased.  We seem to “propose” to one another every few days or so.  Mostly out of sheer joy in the experience of waking up every day next to our very best friend, but KK has decided that she’s going to do it up.  The ring is in her possession and I have no idea when she will spring it on me.  It is entirely heteronormative and it pleases me to no end.  Meanwhile I get to think up ways to purchase a lovely guitar and surprise her with the gift.