captures my heart…

KK and I spent this past weekend holed up in a cottage in the woods.  No running water, a wood stove to heat the space and cook on, composting toilet, the sound of a babbling brook as a constant companion while I occupied the lone rocking chair and read while KK hummed and played her guitar, working on her latest piece.  (Did I tell you she was a musician, writer and guitar player?) It was perfect.

And then came the wasps.  About 60 of them, although we stopped counting after 15.

Wasp! Behind you! On the window!

I hate wasps.  They freak me out.  When I see them, I run.  So, identifying the wasp before walking to the other side of the room felt like progress.


WASP!  Leaving. Now.

She shook her head.

I’ll trap it in that glass and throw it out the door.  No big deal.  Then we can head out for a hike.


The first wasp left quietly.  And then there were two more on the opposite window.  Slow moving and fairly quiet, but certainly wasp-y.  She threw those out the window while I put my hiking boots back on.  We shut the cabin and began walking.  The day was beautiful.  Cool, sunny, springtime. On our hike we talked about our wedding, our family, our hopes and dreams.

When we got back to the cabin I let her open the door first.  She walked in and promptly turned around, passing my book back out the door.

There are a few more wasps in here.  Why don’t you sit and read…over there, away from the window.

Um. Ok.

The book was amazing and I wasn’t really paying attention to the time until I realized it had been 30 minutes and she was still busy with the wasps.  When she emerged from the cottage I looked at her inquisitively.

There were a lot of wasps in there.

How many?

You don’t want to know.

No really, I do.  How many?

I think I removed 20.


We called the owners.  They are country folks.

It’s that time of year.  The cottage isn’t sealed in the same way as your average home.  We have the space treated, but it doesn’t keep them all out.  They are slow moving right?  They are just waking up and want to get out of the building.  Don’t worry.  They will head to the windows (where the light is) and if you leave one open they should leave on their own.  I hope this isn’t a problem for you…

I am a city girl.  I don’t do bugs.  But the relaxation of the woods was more important than feeling completely comfortable so we said it was fine.  After that KK removed approximately one slow moving wasp every 15 minutes or so.  Sometimes more.  They do head towards the windows, but they don’t leave of their own free will.  I learned that a slow moving wasp isn’t the danger I remember from childhood.  So I would sit and read and watch the windows.  When 4 or 5 had landed KK would begin the duty of using a cup and paper to capture them and throw them out the window. I tried to help once but my girlish keepthewaspsatadistance attempts to throw them out the window only made KK laugh hysterically.  So I cooked us chili con carne and she was on wasp duty.