A Proposal


I spent my saturday preparing all of her favorite things.  It was tricky.  I know her favorite movie is Herold and Maude, that she always orders Meatloaf at fancy restaurants, and that she loves caramel and cupcakes but the longer I planned the more I realized that I didn’t know.

So, I made my grandmother’s meatloaf, parmesan mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  We drank wine and planned for our wedding, together dreaming of the aesthetics of a perfect day for she is nothing if not driven by her aesthetic.

When there was nothing left to do but travel towards dessert I told her to close her eyes and led her to the loft.  She opened them and saw a dessert picnic spread with her favorite desserts (cupcakes and caramel) and movies.  And I told her that planning this day had been wonderful but there was too much about her I still didn’t know.  I wanted to spend a lifetime learning.  And when she turned around to look at me I spun her further so that she could see the guitar sitting in the chair behind us.  Her engagement guitar.  She started to cry and I asked and she said yes.

It was perfect.

And then she played my favorite song and when she was done she pulled my engagement ring out of her pocket.  “You had worked so hard to set up the perfect date night that I thought it might be the perfect time to propose” she said.  And it was…


Too bad my iphone makes skin tones all pink and rosy…I look a little shiny and chubby in the fingers.  But the ring is still absolutely perfect and absolutely beautiful.