Tonight I will spend the evening alone. KK is Chaplain on call at our local Children’s Hospital. I’ve never much cared for New Year’s eve so this sounds perfectly fine to me. I plan to catch up on laundry, finish knitting a hat for my brother and watch inordinate amounts of British period dramas. In the last month KK has worked three part time jobs at a feverish pace in order to pay our holiday bills and provide for our family. I’ve missed her, but I’ve also been very proud of her. Six months since our wedding and I feel lucky every day.

On the Wednesday before Christmas I had an HSG test and the Tuesday after Christmas we had our third insemination. In between those two events we had my entire family staying with us for 4 days. In a surprise for both of us, having my family here actually decreased my fertility med induced anxiety. It has been truly miraculous. The HSG was surprisingly quick and easy. I had no cramping at all and the Doctor was pleased with what she saw. We also switched our donor to a donor who wasn’t available when we started. All in all I feel pretty good about this cycle. Because I don’t go back to work until day 13 of our wait I know I will much more relaxed. I have plans to read and knit and rest. It’s the perfect way to start a New Year.