20120110-151232.jpgDiet Coke and After Dinner Mints

Each cycle I get a present from my sister.  It started as a reward for waiting to test until day 14 and has since become a chin up, cheer up gift.  There is currently a little package with a + on it that lives in our walk in closet while the – packages reveal a surprise at the end of each month.  M is 2 years younger than I am and we spent 2 years fighting, sharing secrets and sticking up for on another in High School.  Each month so far she has sent me items that remind me of the best parts of those years.  This month it was a reminder of the after dinner mints that I kept  in the glove compartment of our silver ’87 Volvo (we named him Ishmael – Ishy for short).  While I hated High School, we had some awesome times together and it has been a pleasure to re-live them when I open each package.  I love her to bits.  Because of her love of Diet Coke I am drinking one in her honor while I suck down mints.  Odd combo, but it works for me.  Besides, someone has to keep Coke in business while she’s cooking another niece or nephew for me!

My vacation did not turn out as expected.  KK developed a ridiculous cold that kept us from all of the fun adventures I had hoped for, my car had to be repaired and was in the shop for 5 days, and on Friday we had to put my beloved cat, Merlin (pictured below), to sleep.  I spent all weekend crying so when CD1 arrived today I was surprisingly calm.  There was something about it that made sense.  Clearly this was not my winning moment.  Not even close.  It has been an awful week and I’m glad to be back at work.  It’s nice to be in a place where I am in control of what I produce.  In this place I can make sure that at each test comes up a winner.

In the spirit of chin up, cheer up – today, in the midst of heartbreak, I am grateful for my work, my wife (who is getting a new tattoo at this very minute), and my family.  Starting today I get an entire month off from those stupid drugs.  Later this month, once her cold is well and truly done, KK and I will take a vacation celebrate what we do have.  And finally, I never have to take that damn C.lomid again!  I may not have what I want, but I certainly have more than I need.