Courtesy of the small fry who is considering joining our family (we sure do hope you stick around little one) I am experiencing the feeling of near constant motion sickness. I think I’d be upset about it if it wasn’t so darned reassuring. My sister tells me that trying for a long time to get pregnant does not mean that you need to be happy about every part of it, but right now I’m still to cheery to be bothered.

In other news I was assigned to our University’s Health Care Working Group to help determine which contract we will choose for our Health Insurance in the coming year. I am passionate about the need for good quality universal healthcare in the US so I was glad to be assigned to the committee. The issue is just as complex as I expected. In preparation for our next meeting I am in the process of listening to “This American Life” episodes 391 and 392 on the topic. So far they have been very well put together and informative. I highly recommend these episodes :