I’m putting the final touches on Baccalaureate for this year while I anxiously await the moment that the second trimester hits with it’s supposed increase in energy.  Over the past 12 weeks I’ve attempted to swim at least three times a week, but most weeks I only manage 2 work outs if I’m lucky.  I miss having the energy for exercise, not to mention the energy to spend time with friends in the evening or on weekends.  On Sunday I barely made it through church and came home to nap for another 3 hours before I felt human!

KK and I finished our post baby budget about a month ago and quickly realized that we needed to move to a less expensive place if we were going to be able to afford child care.  Once we started looking at rentals in the awesome, less expensive neighborhood that we want to live in it quickly became apparent that rents are outpacing mortgages in that area by a LOT.  So, in just four weeks we went from looking at two bedroom rentals to having an offer accepted on a home!  I’ve never been a huge fan of home ownership.  The idea of being responsible for every pipe that decides to freeze or burst or clog, while adding lawn care to the never ending list of chores is not my idea of a good time.  That said, the house is absolutely adorable and exactly what we wanted.

Our neighborhood is within walking distance of downtown and has a vibrant arts scene.  All of the homes were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s for working class families.  Read: they are tiny.   Many homes are run-down but there is a strong neighborhood association that is fighting to keep historic homes, and to find ways to renovate them so that they will be functional for years to come.  We purchased a newly renovated – they took it down to the studs and even put in new floor joists where needed – 2 bed 2.5 bath home with a itty-bitty basement, eat in kitchen and living room.  In a neighborhood where not every home has space for both a living room and a dining area this seemed like a perfect fit.  Since living in the UK for a year I’ve always been a fan of small homes.  I just don’t need that much space.  Right now we imagine that KK and I will take the master bedroom and turn the second bedroom into a nursery/guest room but I suspect that if we decide to have a second child this might flip flop, especially if they are of different genders.  In any case, what I’m most pleased with is that it is a home that I can imagine living in for quite some time, and because we purchased so much less than we qualified for, we an afford childcare and a 15 year mortgage. Not bad, not bad at all.  Once we close and begin the final updates to the property (it still needs appliances, a security system, and grass in the backyard) I’ll post some photos.