The more we work on the house (we closed on Friday and have been furiously working on projects to prepare for the move since 11am that day) the more I love it.  I can imagine cooking in the kitchen, putting the small fry to sleep in an adorable little bedroom that’s decorated just so, and coming home to find KK has figured out yet another creative way to make good use of a small space.  In the next three weeks we find out the gender of the baby, move, I travel to CT for 10 days to attend the Global Chaplain’s conference, and we celebrate our little one with friends and family with a Baby Shower.  Organizing all of these important events has been exhausting and I am happy to report that the Second Trimester energy has arrived just in time!  While I am careful to not overwork myself, and to stay away from paint fumes and the other toxic smells of new home ownership, I’ve been able to do enough work each day to feel like a contributing member of this family again.  Hooray!  

In even better news, my Wife finally got the perfect job.  Starting July 1 she will be the Youth Director at a local UCC church.  We love this little church community that has invited her in and the Pastor of the church is determined to make it an ordainable call within the first year so that KK can finally be ordained – a major step for long term employment prospects.  The job is part time (15hrs per week), and it will still require that she keep her other three part time jobs, but she will be able to reduce her Gap and Hospital Chaplaincy shifts considerably.  While this won’t completely sort out our financial struggles it will allow KK to have a much more set schedule.  And, it will put her on the path to what she would love to do full time, that is becoming the pastor of a small church.