So, it’s official.  The small fry is a little boy and he loves to dance.  If I listen to some good music and sing along I’m almost guaranteed to feel some serious movement.  Happily this kiddo seems to like my recent dubstep addiction as much as his Mommy’s passion for folk music.  It will be fun to learn his musical preferences once he’s out and about, but for now I must rely on a really awesome little bladder dance that seems to accompany good music – often followed by this one sided conversation:

Me: “Excuse me, Sir”

Baby: silence

Me: “That’s really not a pleasant feeling for Mama, how about you dance elsewhere?”

Baby: silence

Pause for the movement to resume elsewhere

Me:”Thank you!”

I’m not so delusional as to believe that the baby knows what I’m saying, but if the talking from me gives me a bit of respite I’ll take it!


In other news we had our baby shower on Saturday.  My sister and aunt hosted and it was hard to keep track of all of the many friends in attendance.  We had put our registry online through wikispaces to allow us to create a registry that would include hand me down and second hand gifts.  We wanted folks to be able to give us gifts without needing to spend a ton of money or further perpetuate the baby driven consumer madness that seems to follow much of the wedding madness that people succumb to.  About two weeks ago I was afraid that people wouldn’t understand the registry, but on Saturday I was thrilled with the number of awesome hand me downs we received.  In addition we were gifted all of our major “must be new for safety reasons” items including both an infant car seat and a convertible car seat.  Hooray!  Now we just have to finish unpacking so that we can transform the second bedroom from the staging area for all our unpacking into the baby’s room.