Yesterday when KK and I sat down in our Therapist’s office*, and she asked us how things are going we looked at one another completely perplexed.  


“i think so, but i can’t remember what we’ve done since the last time we were here.”

Moving into our new place has been all consuming.  KK has shouldered an incredible amount of the work.  As much as I hate to be sidelined I am exhausted %100 of the time and have really struggled to bounce back from my vertigo episode.  At our 23 week appointment the Doctor indicated that she thinks that my dizzy spells are a low blood pressure issue.  I’m not completely convinced, but since the medical treatment is a trip to the cardiologist (I had an EKG, I’m fine and that’s expensive) and potential additional salt intake (my second biggest issue with pregnancy is swollen feet).  I’m trying to live with it.  

I was looking forward to the summer being a time to relax but it just hasn’t been that.  If we aren’t working on our jobs we are working on our house.  If we aren’t working on our jobs our working on our house we are meeting commitments to other people that were made ages ago.  If we aren’t working on our jobs, working on our house, or meeting our commitments we are trying to keep ourselves fed and clothed with clean things that aren’t embarrassing to wear in public.  How we will ever figure out the place of an infant in this chaos I do not know.

While KK is having difficulty seeing the results of her work, I see them every day when I head to the University and she stays home to get things done around the house.  Her dream is to be unpacked and settled before we go on our big summer vacation so that she can come home and start working on the nursery.  She doesn’t think we can do it but I think we can.  So, while I haven’t said anything to her about it, I’m gearing up to make sure that we finish unpacking this weekend.  If it doesn’t happen I’m going to take some time off next week to make sure that when we head off to vacation all she has to think about is where she will put the crib, and the finishing touches for her design.  


*We started therapy to work on our communication before the baby arrives.  Our therapist works with a technique called imago.  I thought it was silly at first, but it has helped our communication in very concrete ways already!  :)  I’m glad to be working on this stuff now, not when we are in the midst of a crisis, and that while we’d love to have a more active sex life, sex isn’t a focus of our struggles.