I guess it has been awhile.  I knew I hadn’t posted in quite some time, but I had no idea that it had been months since the last post!  

So, an update…  Things are going well.  I have LOVED the 3rd trimester.  I have had so much more energy over the last few months.  It’s been great.  I’ve really felt like my usual cheery self!  Hooray!  

The baby is still hanging out on the inside.  We’d love for him to arrive anytime now, the sooner the better, but I don’t feel the need to rush him.  My mom arrived on Monday and she has cooked us dinners, taken us shopping and been just a fantastic house guest.  (She came bearing a onsie from PTown that reads “I love my two mommies” – how awesome is that?)  Her arrival was a huge relief for me because I know that KK will be an awesome birth partner, but she doesn’t always remember her own need to eat and sleep in the best of times.  Having my mom here is assurance for both of us that when I go into labor someone will remind KK to take care of herself!  

Today is KK’s 30th birthday.  So far her birthday week has consisted of visiting her family in Chicago, passing a driver’s test and getting her first driver’s license, getting a new-to-her car, going shopping for decorations for the nursery and today she will get her annual birthday tattoo.  Not a bad week at all!  Over the past few months her outlook has steadily improved.  The perfect job isn’t here, but I am incredibly proud of her ability to take her life back. The meltdown moments still come along, but she has also been able to take hold of some new opportunities, and celebrate her own successes.