In the early months of my pregnancy I was convinced that I was carrying a little girl.  When we found out that Z was a boy I panicked.  Suddenly the name we had chosen for a boy wasn’t right.  I was convinced that we wouldn’t know how to help him navigate the world.  I just knew that we’d never find the right clothes for a boy to wear.

Pregnancy does strange things to one’s brain.

My wife hasn’t shopped in the women’s department in years.  While she was clueless about her masculine presence when we met, in the intervening years she has fully embraced sweater-vests,  ties, and her masculine way of being. She is hot.  And she knows menswear.  This outfit is a whole lot of “mommy” on my mommy’s boy.


This weekend KK gave me the greatest gift a mama can ask for….sleep.  For two days I was “off duty”.  My responsibilities were only to feed the boy and sleep.  I did both things, and managed to get our house in order as well.  It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.