Z and his Nana

After spending the weekend with my family we already knew Z was growing like crazy compared to other children his age.  At almost 5 months old he is just shy in size of his 11 month old cousin B.  The romper in this photo is 9m size, and I’m afraid he will out grow it before April is over.  All weekend I could see Z’s little mind working….”Why can’t I do that?  I’m almost as big as B!”  It was such fun to see how ready they were to play together.  While B wasn’t frustrated by Z’s limitations in the way that Z was it seemed clear that he wanted to play.   Over and over B would head over to Z and trying to engage him.  They are both such social boys, really ready to interact with children their own age.  My sister and I are both hoping that they will be good friends one day.

We had a great visit with family.  Z handled the flights very well considering his age.  On the flight to CT he napped most of the way.  I think the early morning take off and almost empty flight really worked in our favor.  On the way home it was much harder to get him to nap.  KK worked her Mommy magic though and kept him as cheery as possible when he wasn’t sleeping.  The highlight of the trip was a moment of wonderful visibility.  As the flight attendants served beverages to the cabin one leaned over and asked if one of us had carried Z or if we had decided to adopt.  No question about who was the mom, or how we were related.  Just a moment of incredible lightness at being recognized as a family.

Yesterday was Zach-o’s belated 4 month checkup.  26 3/4in long and 17lbs 13 oz.  Holy Moly.  I knew he’d grown since his last visit to the doctor, but I didn’t expect him to be so close to 18lbs already.  I’d say he was a chunk, but really he’s not all that chubby.  He’s just a solid little guy with a big head.