Surprise! There are sharks to pet at this Zoo.

Purchasing a membership to the local zoo has been liberating.  Now we can drop in when we have a free half hour without worrying about”getting our money’s worth”.  On Sunday KK’s youth group event was cancelled so we headed to the Zoo to enjoy a lovely cool afternoon.  Z is ALL OVER animals.  Who knew that there were creatures to watch that were even sillier than our cats?  Favorites were barking seals, flamingos and ring tailed lemurs.

In other news I have taken to hanging out at daycare when I drop Z off.  :/  It’s not intentional.  One minute I’m passing Z off and the next I’m chatting with the day care provider.  Suddenly, 20 minutes has passed and I can’t really tell you why I stuck around.  I think I’m desperate for a mom’s group but I can’t imagine where I’d even begin looking.  Z loves being with other kids.  It is incredible to watch him interact with his daycare friends.  I’d love to do something like that on the weekend, but the thought of trying to figure out what groups would be friendly to our family is a huge deterrent for me.  And so it goes….