Still working on how to put the binkie in himself…

We are a “binkie” familiy.  Early on I worried about nipple confusion, but Z is totally clear about the purposes of each nipple.  Yesterday he was happily hanging out with his binkie when I laid him down to nurse.  He promptly turned his head, spit out the bink and launched himself into an appropriate latch.  Rock on, kid, rock on.

For calming only an orange, hospital issue, binkie will do.  For food, well Mama is preferable but a bottle will suffice.

Lately he has been exploring putting the binkie in himself.   This particular attempt just cracked me up.   Also, my son is 20lbs and 29in as of his 6 month appointment with our pediatrician.  OH MY!  Good thing we have the convertible car seat waiting in the wings.  He’s about a month from done with this one…  Now we are hoping he will be tall like my brother (Big D is 6ft 5in).



Driving lessons with Mommy…

KK and I have been having a rough go.  The first year of parenthood is not for the faint of heart.  Lack of sleep makes me not so nice and not so happy.  Lack of sleep makes KK needy.  Mostly we love each other a lot and don’t always like each other so much right now.  But, this photo exemplifies all that is good about my wife.  I had a meeting in the city last week and she brought Z to me not once, but twice so that I could nurse him rather than lugging my pump with me.  This photo was taken while they waited 15 minutes for me to come out of the building.  It was an interruption to her day with Z and a huge gift to me.  We talk often about the stresses of the breastfeeding relationship.  It’s hard on my body, a sometimes source of friction in our relationship, a challenge in the workplace and the best thing that we can do for Z.  The longer we go the more proud I am that I was pretty hardcore about nursing in the beginning.  That early dedication has made it much easier to keep going even when the going gets tough.  It has also helped KK understand why this is so important.  Her support is amazing considering that I’m pretty sure she’d like to have the boobs back.  ;)


The best day ever…or Commencement 2013

Sunday was commencement on our campus.  We sat in the shade to watch some of my favorite students graduate.  To temper my sadness Z gifted me with the BEST.DAY.EVER.  He nursed in all sorts of strange locations – quite a feat for an inquisitive baby – made friends with my work colleagues, napped incredibly well for someone who took ALL his naps in the car that day, and was super cheerful.  I am so lucky.  After commencement we met KK and her church youth group kids at the Zoo.  I was shocked to learn that Z loves birds.  The budgies were a favorite.



In true family fashion, Z loves oatmeal.  Z’s Bob (my dad – didn’t want to be Grandpa, so he’s just Bob) and his great grandpa Ed are oatmeal lovers.   I doubt that they rub it all over their face when they eat it, but hey, dedication is dedication!