It’s a traveling kind of summer here at Chez K.  Last weekend we visited KK’s family in Chicago.  Next weekend we will head to Savannah to visit my BFF and her lovely husband and daughter (who also happens to be a Z).  For my birthday I’m attending a conference in Columbus and eating Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream with KK and Z.  Then in August we will be off to the beach for a week with my family, a week at home, and then a week in Calgary for my cousin’s wedding.


I love to travel.

Z is an excellent traveler.  He loves the car seat.  He flies with ease.  Z thinks new people are THE.MOST.INTERESTING.EVER.  But, like attracts like and Z is clearly of my gene pool.  When away from home the boy sleeps for no-mama and refuses to provide us with number 2s.  Thus, today’s “prunestache” is brought to you by mr. i-will-not-poop-on-vacation!

Sorry dude, you may win the no-sleep battle, but you may not withhold for a week.  I’m glad you like the prunes!


In other news… We had a family photoshoot while visiting KK’s family.  Sunny Girl Photography captured some incredible shots of the whole family but this is my favorite.  Z at 6 months.  I can’t believe that we get to be mamas to this boy.  He is the love of my life.  Also, he’s got my eyes.  How awesome is that?!?