My last post was more than just a few days ago, and while I realized almost instantly that I had not responded to RLG’s Liebster nomination this is the first moment I’ve had to correct that mistake.  Oh, my, the start of the academic year is intense!  


So, a huge thank you to RLG at Breaking Into Blossom.  RLG and JLG have been an inspiration for quite some time.  Their honesty and resilliance is incredible.  Thank you for the nomination!  

The questions put forth to me (with my answers) are as follows:


  1. What comforts you most when you’re sad?  It honestly depends on the day (I’m such a Gemini .  Sometimes I need to get into the pool and swim for awhile.  Swimming clears my head and helps me in the moments when my ever external processing self needs to stop processing.  On other days I need to watch a cheesy TV show – House Hunters anyone? – with my knitting, a cup of good British tea, and some biscuits.  Occasionally I really lovely amber ale, preferably consumed out of doors on a warm evening, will make things right again.  
  2. What would you do on a dream day where money and travel time were no object?  I would take my little family to Belfast, N.Ireland.  I lived there for a year and one of my best friends is there with her partner and son who was born just a few weeks before Z.  KK has never met Tracey and I would love to introduce them.  If it were my lucky day there would be a really fabulous concert to attend.  (Tracey is a fabulous DJ.)
  3. Favorite drink (with or without alcohol)? Milk…gosh do I miss drinking milk.  Sadly it gives Z a tummyache when I drink it these days…
  4. What character trait (of yours) do you most struggle to accept about yourself? I can be bossy.  The ability to direct others makes me a good leader, but I have to be very careful about how I direct and when…  I hate the way that I boss KK around before I even realize I’m doing it.  I’m sure it will make Z crazy some day too…
  5. How much water do you drink in a day?  A lot.  At least 5 25oz bottles.  I always carry a water bottle with me and I refill it many many times a day.
  6. If you’re a parent, what has surprised you the most about the gig? If you’re not, what do you like best about not having kids (right now or at all)?  How naturally it comes to me.  As a child I thought I wouldn’t want children of my own so I have been surprised by how naturally parenting comes to me.  It’s not easy, but so much of it has been intuitive.  
  7. What (if anything) makes you feel insecure about either being a parent or not being a parent? I love my work.  Love Love Love my work.  Left to my own devices I’d work 60+ hours a week.  For fun.  Seriously.  Balancing my love of work with my love of my son is a challenge.  I feel insecure when I am not giving enough to Zachary and insecure when I don’t feel like I am giving all I’d like to give to my job.  My guess is that this is the story of the rest of my life…  
  8. Top three television shows of all time? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BBC Pride and Prejudice Miniseries, Eureka (embarrassing but true…)
  9. Specialty dish (or baked indulgence)? Something you’ve made time and again.  Homemade Marshmallows.  I make them a few times a year and they are always a hit.  I also occasionally make french Macaroons.  Yum!
  10. Favorite thing about the person you’ve grown into? I am so much more driven than I ever thought I would be.  As a child my mother always wanted to know what would happen if I actually had a fire lit under my backside.  Lots of brains, but no focus.  I love that I’ve become dedicated to and extremely passionate about my work.  I am always looking to improve and that feels amazing.  
  11. One simple, happy memory.  On Saturday morning KK and Z woke me up at 9am and the three of us hung out in bed with the cats.  I slept in until 9am.  Then we (all 5 of us) hung out in my favorite place, our bed.  KK calls it my bed-womb.  Z nursed, we all giggled, the cats let him pet them.  It was awesome.