Testing out the toys at the Children’s Museum

There is very little that I enjoy as much as I enjoy watching Zach-o figure out the world.  I am sure that every little person is just as curious and just as amazing.  We all come pre-programmed to explore.  But, Zachary is the only little person that I get to see grow in this way. I am so honored. I’ve never cared much for the kind of blog that waxes poetic about the perfect-ness of life. I like the messy, the intense, the gritty, the real. But occasionally, as I sit with my knitting and watch Z play, I realize that there are perfect moments in this life of mine. I am desperate with joy of being a Mama. This experience of family with this little boy, and this sweet butch wife of mine, oh, it is so perfect that it breaks my heart, daily.

But, back to the real. Our daycare has worked well until now. My kid is a big time sleeper. In fact, he is working on a 2 hour second nap (nap number one today was 1.5 hours). He slept for 13 hours last night. This is a bit extreme for him, but not all that far out of the usual. And the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree – as an adult I still need 9 hours minimum to function well. I’d happily sleep for 10 if I didn’t feel I was missing out. Daycare is insisting that he move to one nap a day so that he is ready to go into the “Ones Room”. I’ve repeatedly told them that we will not be doing this because sleep is critical to development, and that’s not enough sleep for my kiddo, but they are not willing to support my choice. It stinks. Financially we cannot afford to have one of us stay at home. I’d love that, but it’s just not going to happen. Neither of us make enough money to support that option.

So, now we are praying for and working on an alternative. If you are the kind of person who sends out intentions, or prayers, or just plain old good vibes, they would be very welcome – as would any advice you may have. I look forward to preschool, but I don’t think he needs a classroom setting before then. Our hope is to find an option that allows him to spend time with other children, to eat healthy food (the thought of giving him fish sticks and chicken fingers grosses me out) and to take naps as he needs them.


exploring the leaves during an early fall picnic