1.  A little guy who loves to draw, write, create…really anything that involves putting pen to paper.  Maybe an artist?  Maybe a writer?   It will be so fun to find out!

2. My wife.  She is everything wonderful in the world.  And she knows the truth about me.  When she teases me in love I can’t help but laugh!

3. Work…  I love to work. The lack of posts for months is due to an incredibly hectic work schedule.  I have been so happy!  I love it when my time is put to good use, when I have good work to do.  My crowning achievement for this year was organizing the first “tree lighting” we’ve had on campus in decades.  The accomplishment was not so much in the event as it was in the good faith I have built in this community that allows a narrative of religions pluralism to shine.  The event was intentionally Christian.  We no longer do wishy-washy religion around here.  Only the real deal, because we all deserve that.  A close second were the incredible Diwali and Jewish High Holy Days celebrations.

4.  I haven’t been attending church lately.  I’m clergy so this is a bit of an issue.  Zachary has provided an excellent excuse – can’t miss those naps!  But the truth is that I find church to be full of hypocrisy.  If I could worship here :http://houseforall.org/ or here:http://stlydias.org/  I’d totally do it.  But I cannot.  And I thought that maybe I was just done with God entirely.  Or that I should be Jewish because I always find God when I attend Shabbat services on campus.  But I found myself tearing up during the Tree Lighting and I realized that this is my church.  These are my people.  I may not have the title of University Chaplain, but that’s what I am.  I cannot help myself but do this work.  And, I’m enough of a universalist to be comfortable when I find God in a puja or during the cantor’s singing.



5. Jammy Sundays.  It’s lovely to forget church and spend all day in your jams!

6. SNOW!  It finally snowed here.  I love the cold.  If I could move further north I would (provided my future home has a garage).

7. Yesterday I found myself telling Zachary how lucky I was to have such a great family.  I love being with Z and with KK.  They make life so much richer than I ever could earn or deserve.

8.  College students.  When the sun sets I have the joy of looking at “Deltmas”.  The Delt’s holiday decorations are epic.  They cover the house with lights.  I have no idea how those gentlemen can possibly get a good night’s sleep!  But who cares?  They are in college!  My students remind me daily that life is meant to be lived with crazy, joyful abandon.

9.  Family.  Thanksgiving was spent with KK’s family and we will head to CT to be with my family for Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas and cannot wait to see my siblings, parents, niece and nephew.


10. Pickles.  They are delicious.  Confirmed by my son who will eat, and eat, and eat, and eat them.  I’m sure he would add his 8 teeth to the list since they make pickle eating possible!