I started this blog a few years ago as a place to post photos I’d taken, talk about my knitting and hopefully spark some dialogue.  When I went through the chaos of coming out I was so wrapped up in my life that I abandoned this space.  But after a conversation with one of my favorite bloggers I realized that it was my turn to contribute to the conversation that has sustained me.  So, here I am.  :)

By way of introduction…  I’m an obsessed knitter, a University Chaplain, a passionate proponent of interfaith social justice work, a partner, a daughter, an aunt, an amateur photographer, a lifelong learner, a lover of antique malls and all things vintage, a former goth with a passion for loud electronic music, and an ever changing gemini.  I am in possession of an amazingly interesting and devoted family, including smart and funny parents who love me, a sister, husband-in-law and neice who are the cutest little family ever, a brother who is the smartest person I know, two of my mother’s best friends who are “aunts”, a bunch of out-laws who accepted me immediately, a partner who is my soul-mate and brings me sunshine every-single-day, a best friend and “husband emeritus” who made the coming out process safer than I every could’ve expected, and two completely adorable cats.  Over time I suspect that you will hear about all of them.